Words From Seite, Mentor in Elemental Spirit


Words From Seite

Time on Earth isn’t anything of interest to us lot in the Etheric Intelligence Commune-city (community). I’ll tell you what time is in the Cosmos, OK? You people measure time pretty much by what you see above you. The seasons tell you the time as well. But suppose my Etheric Intelligence Community erased your time-keeping skills and numerical abilities from your consciousness on Earth? What could you be in then? I’ll tell you. You’d be in sync with the rest of the Cosmos. A quick glance at the weather, sun, moon, stars, planets etc. to tell you that you’re an Earthling is the first thing you’d note. The second thing is that by using the elemental chords that physically connect you to the Etheric Intelligence Community, you would be utilising all your senses to determine that you can be guided to do what the Etheric Intelligence Community sincerely advises. It’s always a positive to positive thing in this particular circumstance. However if you cut the chords and institute divorce proceedings from the Divine you can get yourself into an Unholy State of Man-made Affairs – USOMA for short – that may not produce positive to positive results on Earth.

Time in the Cosmos is a multitude of events. It doesn’t need to be measured because we have a lot of space for these events. So if and when anything occurs it’s more a case of “Oh, hey! Did you see that idea burst forth. Now let’s see, it’ll be this that the other occurring from that one. See? So many sides to that one. Now how does that Elementally Dialogue with the rest of the Cosmos. Oh hey! See that picture? Manifest quick! Put it on the Time Manifest and then we can see it in action – all the cause and effects of that one single thing that just occurred.”

Just because the Cosmos can explode, it does not mean that mankind has to. Natural explosions such as a volcano erupting are a factual manifestation to be taken in a highly instructive symbolic form that man needs to tread carefully in dealing with Planet Earth and the Cosmos. So let me, Seite, at times put you through some paces and be your P.E. Teacher in my gymnasium the Cosmos. Together we can pros and cons-verse (converse) in a Uni-Verse-All (Universal) language – and it’s all Elemental.


Namaste, Have a Nice Day


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