Today is Tomorrow, Yesterday is Today, Tomorrow is Tomorrow…


The above heading would appear to be wording for a corporate identity campaign but I, Seite, shall utilise it for my own Earth and mankind identity campaign.

To date the world is the sum of its past. Here we all are. Are we having fun yet? A lot of you are and many aren’t. The tomorrow is a sum of today. But supposing deductions can be made, and to all intents and purposes a forward time movement is actually a manifestation of a regressive movement towards something uncivilised?

If you take a look at this excellent image of Earth and life on Earth’s evolutionary movement coil  you may see that the coil can be spiralled backwards as well as forwards. Therefore regressive movements in evolutionary terms are highly achievable even if perceived as a forward movement.

Technological and so-called scientific advancements may seem like a forward movement but evidence that belies its benefits to mankind are everywhere. Let’s re-name the atom bomb the A Dumb Bum which destroyed at will men, women and children and natural habitat. From the Etheric Commune City’s (community’s) point of view this was barely a nano-second in your time-making from its invention to today.

So let us strive for the art of balance in evolutionary awareness terms, and create a new timepiece that attempts to deduce all the sides of cause and effect on Earth and its contents.

Use the image and fill it in with these sides of cause and effect. Turn it backwards and forwards until you realise it’s only a manifestational tool to see if effects are beneficial or not. Time has no meaning – only manifestation does.

Therefore, the dawn of mankind’s evolutionary movement comprises many directions and it’s as well to perceive these movements in multi-dimensional effects stimulated by causes – everywhere and every which way.

To achieve the art of balance in Earth for its contents – sacrifice – the ability to say ‘no’ to an ability to ‘do’ something just simply because it can be done, is vital. Otherwise Earth can be yet still populated by scientific A-Dumb-Bums.   


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