Time Travel in the Cosmos


New places that people go to in life is clearly one of money and love of travel if this is the case. But for me, Seite, I have a love, in the Cosmos, to sit and view without having to ‘travel’. I don’t need to zoom about at all. I can see all around me in the Cosmos and tell by manifestation what the time is; if it’s already made manifest, or in the works of being manifested further in occurrence ‘time’.

My ethric existence, then, has an entire vantage point that always has a ‘bodily’ reference point by knowing what is already manifested or yet to be manifested. However, to L.E. Mental cause and effect is actually one thing: the permutations of what is to be manifested are already in existence. L.E. Mental, the Intelligence in the Universe is the expert on cause and effect, which put another way is simply manifestation.

Cause(s) is a happening event and so is the effect(s).  The difference between mankind and the ethric community is the vantage point. In the Cosmos, since cause and effect – manifestation – is all one thing in cosmic ‘time’, I need only dip in and out of it in my viewing to take a trip in ‘time’. The Cosmos is universally Infinite and within that is Cause and Effect, manifestation, on a seriously grand scale.

I’m a seasoned traveller therefore and my journeys are never ending.


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