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“I totally recommend having a reading done by Diane & Seite. I have had psychic & medium readings done before, but this one was different. I received detailed information – not just vague references – and some excellent suggestions for courses I might want to pursue in my life, and some I would be advised not to!

At the end I was invited to ask questions and received answers to each one, all of which made perfect sense to me. Diane is friendly at the same time as being professional, and I felt very comfortable with her. She obviously loves this work and brought to it a warmth and genuine interest in me, as the client”.

Fiona MacKay

“Diane impressed me with her skill as a medium and making sure my concerns were addressed before the session ended. She is gracious, respectful and generous with her time. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety and amount of information covered — the recording aspect of the session therefore is so helpful for review. ”

…..I. B. Johnson, Victoria

Diane’s gift as a medium is grounded in a very logical overview of consciousness and our connection with the afterlife, and of lessons to be learned without judgement.  Highly recommended.


I have had the privilege of meeting with Diane and Seti twice now and can’t possibly put into words how amazing the experience/sessions are. Diane is a very pleasant and welcoming soul, she made me feel comfortable and welcome from the minute we met. I had never done anything like “this” before and wasn’t sure what to expect but Diane was an open book and understood where my curiously came from. Within minutes of Diane/Seti’s reading, I had goosebumps. Without getting into detail, the second time I saw Diane was when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. During the session I could feel the huge weight being lifted from me. I was able to express my thoughts and emotions and receive feedback/advice from Seti. It was like what normally would have been weeks’ worth of counselling was accomplished in just an hour. I love that Diane encouraged me to record the session, because I have listened to the recording many times since. It’s truly amazing how accurate it is.
Diane is truly gifted and I feel lucky to have such a person in my life.

Tianda H.

Thank you for an insightful and illuminating reading Diane.
The messages that came through were spot on and helpfuI on many levels.
I have listened to the recording several times now which allowed for a deeper processing of the information to settle in. The session helped me integrate some key issues that Siete honed in on. Very helpful and reaffirming! I look forward to returning for another reading soon.


Contacting Diane and Siete for a reading was one of the most enjoyable and thought provoking readings I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I have been to other mediums that try to fish you a reaction so they can claim their abilities, so naturally I was skeptical at first. However this was definitely not the case with Diane and Siete. Their reading was concise, accurate, and exactly what I needed to hear, even before I even got to introduce any information about myself other than my name! The best part? Was how accurate the events after the reading were! Life can often take us down difficult paths and sometimes we get so entrenched that we lose sight of what is important. Diane and Siete helped bring a sense of peace in the present and clarity for my future, which in turn creates confidence in taking steps to create the impact I would have on the world that I doubted for a long time. I cannot thank them enough for providing the insight I received from them both. Excellent, friendly service and immensely helpful. I would book seeing Diane and Siete again in a heartbeat. 10/10!

Claude Wolfenstein

I just want to say that Diane is a lovely person and has changed my life forever. I was given insight into myself with accuracy that is unexplainable. I have been shown a different perspective of myself that I have been searching for and learnt a great deal about myself that is extremely healing to me.  I highly recommend her to anyone for any purpose you may desire and can’t thank Diane and Seite enough.
Thank you,

I am so grateful for having met Diane and spoke with Seite. Diane went far and beyond to accommodate me to do the readings and I appreciated very much. Seite has definitely been a great guidance in my life. I am so glad that Diane is gifted, lovely and kind. I am grateful for having Seite as a spiritual guide, and I recommend the readings to everyone believers or not😊 R.S.

On a recent trip to Victoria, I had the pleasure of meeting Diane. I was intrigued to learn of her relationship with Seite and booked an appointment for the next day. I’ve had many readings over the years and am myself a student of mediumship, so my open-mindedness is a given. What I didn’t anticipate, though, was that Seite would have SO much to share about me and my life, past, present and future, and that the information would be delivered with such accuracy, clarity, sensitivity and compassion. I am not a fan of mediums who venture into negative expectations of the future. There is none of that with Seite whose presence envelopes the receiver in a cocoon of warmth, acceptance, affirmation and positivity.  Seite does deliver a wise perspective on change that is to come for one’s Highest Good, but does so in a very heartfelt and reassuring way. I want to say a special thank you to the gifted Diane, warm and caring and a clear communicator – the perfect messenger of Seite’s wisdom! Diane allowed time for my questions and as it wound down, my session felt complete. You can bet that I’ll be ready for another, though, on my next trip to Victoria!

Namaste, Have a Nice Day


Elemental Medium: Psychic Spiritual Insight & Prediction Consultations/Readings, Victoria, BC, Canada

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