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The above note from Seite reads: “Thanks for your interest in this site. I have plenty to speak to you about and may need more space in your communications network – is it infinite like ours is?!!” Seite.

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The International Space Station


Dictated beginning of April 2018

Today is the day that begins anew for the past is in it dear people. If you think in terms of forward motion all the time you forget about what has gone before and will continue to do so in an onward spiral motion. Time is never a straight line but forms ellipses and curving shapes so that the shapes touch each other in zooming shapes to collide and ping and pong about the place. So it is with time on earth. If you knock out the numbers all you are left with is what is called manifestation. Manifestation is the physical evidence of the happening event. Today’s world is somewhat challenging to live in and this is due in part to the elemental balances in space being out of ‘whack’. What NASA and other international space ‘experts’ have forgotten is the ellipses from all the planets and dark matter that do bounce onto the International Space Station’s solar panels people. Expect a store of hot property to be accumulated on these solar panels.




Dictated 9th January 2017

Psychic Predictions: Donald Trump


In these times America has a new President Elect in the shape of Donald Trump. As an interested observer, Seite, I see there’s plenty he likes to nuke and blast verbally. Will he physically do it once he’s in office? He’s shown what a tough guy he prefers to be in the campaigning he did: insults left right and centre so to speak. I, Seite, predict for this president that since he’s a business league mover and sometime shaker he’ll bring to the presidency more or less of the same – insults left right and centre – that will gradually dwindle once he discovers that foreign powers can turn it all around and shrink his tough guy image into one of confusion and sanctions practically against the United States. I say “practically” as there are ways and ways of so doing without giving it the label of “sanction”.

Shall we say that world shortages can also affect the United States and they will not be pleased as ‘punch ‘em back’ could say Trump to experience this. World shortages can be a new euphemism for sanctions folks. Let the fun and games begin – I, Seite, need to see easily what cause and effect can do once a pugnacious inexperienced President Elect starts his presidency in full metal jacket.

[Note from Diane, source Wikipedia: Full Metal Jacket is a 1987 British-American war film directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick. The screenplay by Kubrik, Michael Herr, and Gustav Hasford was based on Hasford’s novel The Short-Timers (1979). The story line follows a platoon of U.S. Marines through their training and the experiences of two of the platoon’s Marines in the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam war. The film’s title refers to the full Metal jacket bullet used by soldiers. The film was released in the United States on June 26, 1987.]






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