To me Seite, it’s a very interesting word – “religion”. It implies absolute truth about the one thing there is so little known about.

For the sake of all religions and their Big Deity I’ll simplify the matter of and in the cosmos by re-naming the Big Deity “L.E. Mental”. L.E. Mental is naturally Elemental in deeds and intelligence but then so are you, as is everything on Earth.

You create, you feel, think and then you perceive that L.E. Mental has somewhat more of an association with humanity than is humanly possible. Let’s face it L.E. Mental is an ‘It’ not a He or a She. Cosmic Action requires more sums of the totals of masculine and feminine. And to me, Seite, I can describe the Universe or Cosmos as being Infinitely Wise in deeds.- Because It’s one Hell and Heaven of an Operating System with applications galore and Elemental Coding the like of which you can relate to when you see the Big L.E. Mental Picture Show from another Earthbound dimension. The Big Diary in the atmosphere that clings to Earth.

The Big Diary (as I referred to in my previous post “Why Can’t We on Earth Create Peace for the World”) is unique to Earth. It has within it all of Earth’s vibrational history including everything that’s ever been in and on it. It’s a recycling Storage Depot and this vibrational energy helps turn Earth.

Being a being in this new dimensional location that’s part of Earth, gives you a great sense of satisfaction, commonly in one religion called ‘Heaven’ or in another called ‘Paradise’. Perspective is everything. And from the Storage Depot’s perspective, the joke of life on Earth is mankind’s storytelling ability to provoke accord and dissent about something that can’t really be known about, until such time as one joins with an Elementally Knowledgeable Unique Perspective. Earth’s Diary, the Storage Depot – the L.E. Mental cause and effect filing system of Earth, that by then does appreciate Cosmic Creative Genius of so many manifestations and not cosmic man-infestations as is now prevalent.

So if you want to get Elemental think of L.E. Mental the author of it all. It’s an Elemental Whizz Art ‘Tree” (wizardry), the scope of which began with a natural continuous cycle of events that had always been in one or a gadzillion ways of many others.

To me, Seite, I can’t disprove your theories but I can collide with them on occasion. To me, I’ll just explain that Big Bangs may look like a Big Bang, but from ‘pops’ to Big Bangs  – now there’s a story of L.E. and It’s Mental Elemental ability to have always been in existence.

To me, Seite, I’ll describe it to you as zero is sum thing, not no thing but something. So, Infinity cuts both ways OK? It’s that the matter of facts that Infinity comprises has got the She-Bang of It all in it. The She-Bang of It all is within a multi-directional Infinity – comprised already – of all the sum totals of its opposite sum things – manifestation.

For clarity’s sake let’s just say all the Causes and Effects are already in Infinity. The Infinity is the shadow that holds all this potential. Infinity as a multi-dimensional holding pattern, never began with a Big Bang according to my side of It. No, it’s the manifestation of the sum totals, that begin and can end.

Sum totals which are manifestational evidence of Infinity’s existence, can pop and She and Big Bang. But the Universe to all of Its Intents and Purposes, cycled around and around, until it met itself.

Call it the birth of motion in the Cosmos of Infinity that produced some things with Infinity to play with. Call “It” Me and My Shadow or L.E and It’s Shadow.

Therefore, to me Seite, I’ll invent no more religion, just people who can re-synchronise elementally with L.E. Mental to be at won with the world. Then everyone can be One.

If you look at the image in this post, you may relate to the balls being Infinity, filled with the sum totals of no things (past present and future), which are actually sum things, and the continuous cycling around of L.E. Mental’s Whizz Art Tree (wizardry)!


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