Such is Life in Space: Sitting or Floating in a Tin Can


Men, women and animals for some reason, often end up in a metal container in Space. There’s one up there now, continually circling Earth, zooming around doing what’s termed as scientific research. I, Seite, can applaud this great spectacle. It’s Lego brought to life by different countries and then there it is – the late great David Bowie’s tin can in Space. It’s a delightful poem if you read the lyrics as such. And it ‘containers’ an important message to humans and I, Seite, have a side to add to the message myself.

What happens if you’re off site, so to speak – that is in Space, and not in Earth, and then you, for some technical reason are forced to admit your own mortality? Bluntly speaking now – if you die off Earth while in Space will you still get to the join the others in Earth’s Diary (Heaven)? **

(See explanation of Earth’s Diary in posts: “Religion”, “Why Can’t We on Earth Create Peace in the World?”)

Think about the Elemental Dynamics now folks. If you don’t believe in the incredible light headedness of being after physical death, fine, you shall determine this yourself at some point. But, death is renewal, recycling. It’s Elemental and it’s a process created by the Cosmic Organismic Machine for It’s own reasons.

As I refer to ‘God’ as L.E. Mental, let’s just say if you want to bypass the death process, with an inbuilt golden road in it, that leads to the real L.E. Mental Wizard of It All, then by all means die off Earth. You may need to consider that all is Elemental. Transitioning into the Big Diary of Earth is Elemental Chemistry.

Dying off Earth can easily be a disastrous chemistry that has no relationship with the chemistry that occurs in Earth when people, animals and things ‘die’.

Remember, to quote Mr. Bowie in Space Oddity:

“For here

Am I sitting in a tin can

Far above the world

Planet Earth is blue

And there’s nothing I can do.

Though I’m past one hundred thousand miles

I’m feeling very still

And I …”


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