Life After Death Exists in a Firewall of Energy That Keeps it Close to Earth’s Vibrational Energies

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My energy, as Seite, resides somewhere ‘out there’ in the cosmos.

But where am I? Who was I? Well I can tell you now that your consciousness, stemming from ancient times, holds many belief systems about the actuality of life after death.

To me, Seite, I’m in life after death, but why not just call myself a nice normal name like John Smith? I’ll describe my name, Seite, as giving something of my own abilities to my medium. The way my medium’s brain needed to work in order to do this work of mine. Sides*. I can see lots of different sides, I come from the other side and now my medium has more ability to be in tune with my way of thinking. So my name is a journey description really of my medium’s work and how I trained her brain to receive from me. Using a person’s nature, I would cover the sides of a person’s nature in different aspects and descriptions for months. It was my way of teaching.

*(Note from Diane: Seite is a German word for ‘side’ and ‘page’, appropriate since Seite writes with my right hand while I’m left handed.)

So where do I live? I live in a firewall of energy that keeps it close to Earth’s vibrational energies. Call it something similar to the visible rings around other planets.

[Note from Diane, definition of “firewall”: “a part of a computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting outward communication. Source: Google.]

Natural energy abounds in the Cosmos. And regarding Earth, lots of it is a result of what’s naturally occurring on and in the planet.

You can visualise ‘spent physicality’ as a Big Diary – a record of it all – that is still alive in energetic terms. It has its fields, and as things are no longer in physical existence on Earth, the results are a transferral of its total energy to the Mirror Image, Big Diary Firewall of Energy, that is close to Earth’s energies. Humming along together. You can hear the immense ‘chattering’ in your mind in the Cosmos if you visualise it, but you can’t hear it personally.

These two vibrational energies have a lot in common. Some things get ‘promoted’ tiered, layered, categorised and it’s all good. You’ll all go to this Firewall close to Earth’s energies and see the Big L.E. Mental (my word for ‘God’) picture of it all.

The mega operating system does have vibrational and energetic circuitry. It’s best to treat it with respect folks, you’re part of it. As I bluntly wrote in the previous post about life in Space in a tin can, you may pause to consider whether you can vibrationally reach the Big Diary Firewall close to Earth, if you are not within Earth’s atmosphere.

Processes and procedures, folks. If you’re not working for the company and they’re offering promotions you won’t even have your name on the list for consideration will you? You may presume you can apply to work for the company and be eligible for promotion but that’s just your mindset not the company’s called L.E. Mental Starship Enterprises – not the spaceship that’s well-known enough in TV and movies…

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