How Do I, Seite, Sustain Myself?


If you think that a light existence doesn’t need ‘food’ or ‘water’ think again! There’s something that mere mortals who have transitioned into the incredible lightness of being do need in order that they maintain themselves.

I’m talking about living in the real light world. It’s close to home – Earth. In fact, it’s all around Earth. The atmosphere is filled with different kinds of what you call ‘molecules’. From my side, I see these ‘molecules’ as compositions in music, song and dance of energy.

And energy is always another composition in itself – just to add layers and tiers of complexity to it all. So what sustains the music, song and dancing of our molecular-style light headedness? Well for one mega-watt thing – it’s the Elemental Dialogue of everything really.

The cosmos is one huge mega-watt song and dance and lyrics routine. It may not always look ‘routine’ but it’s all good. For one thing, I, Seite, use up quite a lot of a particular type of energy, that I am able to describe somewhat adequately, as a food chain of dominos in the Elemental Sequency of it all that is an alive energy.

It’s rather like Elemental Cosmic Fermentation that we get a real buzz from! Anything in the Cosmos has a relationship going. It’s the ultimate in attraction of opposites, similars and every other permutation going and coming.

And within that, the Elemental Dialogue combusts and buzzes and we all just love it. It keeps the Cosmos agog with all the latest happenings and hot gossip and the buzz keeps on buzzing. You may not hear it but it’s around you on a frequency yet to be discovered!


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