The Cosmic Clipboard, How to Pin Your True Conscious Needs onto It & Have Them Manifest for You


Making a conscious choice or decision involves rational thought. If you really need something to come to you and have no way of manifesting it by yourself, then be honest in your mind’s eye. Feel to yourself consciously that it’s a genuine non-ego driven need. If so, acknowledge the Intelligence and organising ability in the Universe and with this in mind pin it to the Cosmic Clipboard. Check in frequently with the Intelligence – or L.E. Mental (our word for ‘God’) the owner of the Cosmic Clipboard.

L.E. Mental will walk your talk, if you talk It’s walk so to speak. L.E. Mental has proven ability in Creation and It’s a pretty awesome and awesomely pretty Cosmos – not man-made at all!

So test it out and do please practice patience. The still small voice inside you can sometimes be L.E. Mental talking It’s walk, to walk your talk, so that eventually your wish can be L.E. Mental’s command. So send off an e-mail…elemental mail can work to your advantage.

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