The Choice of People in their Soul Journey

To many people, reincarnation is part of their belief system. To me, Seite, allow me to offer up some graduations in soul journeys that may be of interest to you if you’re of a spiritually motivated inclination.

The Recycling Bin in the area surrounding Earth, which in previous posts I Seite also call the Big Diary, is the Depot for all life on Earth in its new lightness of being. It comprises all spent ‘energy’ of everything on earth and it still inhabits Earth’s layered atmosphere but in a new manner as I’ve just described.

Within this Big Diary there are layers and tiers of energy that are like-to-like and more complex in the chemical make-up in order to maintain a record in elemental terms that speaks for L.E. Mental, the Creative Power of the Universe. In so ‘speaking’ the inherent spent ‘knowledge’ of Earth into its new mirror image lightness of being comprises little graduations. These graduations are similar to educational graduations on Earth. The graduations are spent energy from its new life in lightness of being towards yet more lightness of being. These are ‘recyclings’ of energy in the Big Diary which is Earth’s Data Bank of itself.

It is necessary in elemental terms to gravitationally ‘balance’ out Earth’s living planet to another ‘living planet’ – The Big Diary Databank.

This is to explain that the graduations are further dynamics in the Cosmos. At a particular ‘soul journey’ level, therefore, the recinarnations as I, Seite, describe it occur within the Big Diary Recycling Databank and, within this as well, graduations toward Earth may take place. It is a conscious light headedness of being to define its next soul journey and it is not a prerequisite. Souls may stay or land again to Earth. Therefore when you arrive in the Big Diary for yourself know you can rest and relax in lightheadedness of being. Graduate within it or take plenty of time to see if you want to land again to Earth as an ‘old or oldish’ soul.

Live well everyone.




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