The Choice of People in their Soul Journey

To many people, reincarnation is part of their belief system. To me, Seite, allow me to offer up some graduations in soul journeys that may be of interest to you if you’re of a spiritually motivated inclination.

The Recycling Bin in the area surrounding Earth, which in previous posts I Seite also call the Big Diary, is the Depot for all life on Earth in its new lightness of being. It comprises all spent ‘energy’ of everything on earth and it still inhabits Earth’s layered atmosphere but in a new manner as I’ve just described.

Within this Big Diary there are layers and tiers of energy that are like-to-like and more complex in the chemical make-up in order to maintain a record in elemental terms that speaks for L.E. Mental, the Creative Power of the Universe. In so ‘speaking’ the inherent spent ‘knowledge’ of Earth into its new mirror image lightness of being comprises little graduations. These graduations are similar to educational graduations on Earth. The graduations are spent energy from its new life in lightness of being towards yet more lightness of being. These are ‘recyclings’ of energy in the Big Diary which is Earth’s Data Bank of itself.

It is necessary in elemental terms to gravitationally ‘balance’ out Earth’s living planet to another ‘living planet’ – The Big Diary Databank.

This is to explain that the graduations are further dynamics in the Cosmos. At a particular ‘soul journey’ level, therefore, the recinarnations as I, Seite, describe it occur within the Big Diary Recycling Databank and, within this as well, graduations toward Earth may take place. It is a conscious light headedness of being to define its next soul journey and it is not a prerequisite. Souls may stay or land again to Earth. Therefore when you arrive in the Big Diary for yourself know you can rest and relax in lightheadedness of being. Graduate within it or take plenty of time to see if you want to land again to Earth as an ‘old or oldish’ soul.

Live well everyone.




Time Travel in the Cosmos


New places that people go to in life is clearly one of money and love of travel if this is the case. But for me, Seite, I have a love, in the Cosmos, to sit and view without having to ‘travel’. I don’t need to zoom about at all. I can see all around me in the Cosmos and tell by manifestation what the time is; if it’s already made manifest, or in the works of being manifested further in occurrence ‘time’.

My ethric existence, then, has an entire vantage point that always has a ‘bodily’ reference point by knowing what is already manifested or yet to be manifested. However, to L.E. Mental cause and effect is actually one thing: the permutations of what is to be manifested are already in existence. L.E. Mental, the Intelligence in the Universe is the expert on cause and effect, which put another way is simply manifestation.

Cause(s) is a happening event and so is the effect(s).  The difference between mankind and the ethric community is the vantage point. In the Cosmos, since cause and effect – manifestation – is all one thing in cosmic ‘time’, I need only dip in and out of it in my viewing to take a trip in ‘time’. The Cosmos is universally Infinite and within that is Cause and Effect, manifestation, on a seriously grand scale.

I’m a seasoned traveller therefore and my journeys are never ending.


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The Elemental Process of Transformation into Pure Energy Called Death


As I’ve written before, I Seite, have a unique vista. I’m in Elemental Consciousness – as shall all life on Earth be at their time of death.

Do you know your own Elemental Consciousness? You can test out all your psychic senses and see if you’re psychically aware or not. If not, then drop the gadgets and tune in to the alternative natural non-artificial intelligence that surrounds life on Earth.

The Cosmos has as its Source an energetic explosive pumping action*(See note below). That is not to say this pumping action is not teeming with intelligence and ways and means of how to achieve things the Elemental Source wants to achieve.

Humans have, over millennia, personalised the Creator of Earth and I, Seite, am no exception. I do however like to keep the personalisation in its proper context. Thus my name for the Source and Pumping Action of the Universe/Cosmos is L.E. Mental (elemental if you didn’t understand the play on words). L.E. Mental has plenty to occupy Itself.

It can’t be fully known and appreciated in all its immensity and power until life on Earth at various ongoing times undergoes transformation into pure energy (death). This, if you can big picture it, can be seen as a living heaving event as things are heaved into the heavens. It’s L.E. Mental’s pumping and sucking action…to bring things off Earth, transform them into pure energy, and keep it circling around it’s natural habitat (Earth).

Some of Earth’s personal effects are rudely sucked and pumped off Earth while others are more gently sucked and pumped off. It’s called the luck of the withdrawal action on Earth. Rest assured though, the process always ends and then begins again in a lightness of being, and a newborn life energy that still knows itself and all around it.

In fact, not only does new pure energy know the Cosmos but it’s still close to home – Earth – and can encircle it and enter Earth at will. So if you, in your newfound psychic awareness, feel something from Elemental Consciousness say hello – we’re a friendly bunch. The issue of ‘unfriendly ghosts’ crops up from time to time but that’s another post.

Have a new beginning in whichever season you are experiencing and think about the new pure energy. What happened to winter – why, it’s died but shall be reborn at the appropriate time!


Note from Diane: * Source Wikipedia:

A pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases), or sometimes slurries, by mechanical action. Pumps can be classified into three major groups according to the method they use to move the fluid: direct lift, displacement, and gravity pumps.[1]

Pumps operate by some mechanism (typically reciprocating or rotary), and consume energy to perform mechanical work by moving the fluid. Pumps operate via many energy sources, including manual operation, electricity, engines, or wind power, come in many sizes, from microscopic for use in medical applications to large industrial pumps.

L.E. Mental the Biggest E-Go in the Cosmos

Coming soon to a theatre near you! Often, there are people who make it into the spotlight via a sense of themselves, that they have a need to achieve, or to follow their choice of career for themselves. In this post, I, Seite, hope to describe to you what the Creator of your planet – the L.E. Mental (elemental) intelligence and author of  Its own destiny – the Cosmos has in ‘mind’ for Itself.

The Cosmos is a multi-faceted thing. It’s great but not necessarily ‘good’. It just is. People on earth often have luck – bad and good. Others have it all, while others have nothing. Ancient spiritualists such as Jesus, recommended a high degree of awareness of this because he taught that people are all children together, and that the suffering ones he would look after – as a demonstration of what mankind should do – together.

Suffering and bad luck often leads people to question the existence of L.E. Mental. People are taught that ‘God is good. God is love.’ And when tragedy hits, this is put to a high degree of interrogation as to why tragedy can strike if God/L.E. Mental is love and all for the good.

There is an answer to this and it may not make for easy perusal. L.E. Mental, the intelligence and creative and operational power is not truly known nor in its entirety by mankind. Man’s many religions presume to impart belief systems that are often taken as the ‘God’s honest truth’ by people, when in fact, a look at the L.E. Mental or elemental picture of the Cosmos may aid in better understanding ‘good’ and ‘bad’ on Earth.

L.E. Mental has many balls in Its air – the Cosmos. L.E. Mental’s reason  for being is known by L.E. and not by mankind. L.E.’s intelligence is not necessarily ‘human’. Mankind’s intelligence  belongs to mankind and is yet within a small, tiny, operational part in the great digestive system and body that is L.E. Mental. Thus, tragedy on Earth cannot so easily be questioned as a fault of our Creator because man has projected a fear-based need on to the Ultimate Big Daddy and Mum of It all. See the big elemental picture folks, and then see how minute Earth is in L.E.’s grand scheme of elemental operations.

As man seeks to expand its own modes of operations, and quest for knowledge in and around the Cosmos, know this: man only uses its own mindset to determine what is fact and fiction, good and bad etc. L.E. Mental created Earth which is within a living, holding pattern, until such time as man destroys it or, according to L.E.’s mindset L.E. does something else with it. It is wise not to blame L.E. for the bad things that can happen in life. Man can often not see the entire big picture on Earth. How then, can it even seek to know the E-Motions (elemental motions), E-Go (elemental go!)  and  L.E. Mental’s (elemental) intelligence in the vastness of the Cosmos?


The Cosmic Clipboard, How to Pin Your True Conscious Needs onto It & Have Them Manifest for You


Making a conscious choice or decision involves rational thought. If you really need something to come to you and have no way of manifesting it by yourself, then be honest in your mind’s eye. Feel to yourself consciously that it’s a genuine non-ego driven need. If so, acknowledge the Intelligence and organising ability in the Universe and with this in mind pin it to the Cosmic Clipboard. Check in frequently with the Intelligence – or L.E. Mental (our word for ‘God’) the owner of the Cosmic Clipboard.

L.E. Mental will walk your talk, if you talk It’s walk so to speak. L.E. Mental has proven ability in Creation and It’s a pretty awesome and awesomely pretty Cosmos – not man-made at all!

So test it out and do please practice patience. The still small voice inside you can sometimes be L.E. Mental talking It’s walk, to walk your talk, so that eventually your wish can be L.E. Mental’s command. So send off an e-mail…elemental mail can work to your advantage.

Life After Death Exists in a Firewall of Energy That Keeps it Close to Earth’s Vibrational Energies

anatomy-1751201_1280 tree-23903_1280

My energy, as Seite, resides somewhere ‘out there’ in the cosmos.

But where am I? Who was I? Well I can tell you now that your consciousness, stemming from ancient times, holds many belief systems about the actuality of life after death.

To me, Seite, I’m in life after death, but why not just call myself a nice normal name like John Smith? I’ll describe my name, Seite, as giving something of my own abilities to my medium. The way my medium’s brain needed to work in order to do this work of mine. Sides*. I can see lots of different sides, I come from the other side and now my medium has more ability to be in tune with my way of thinking. So my name is a journey description really of my medium’s work and how I trained her brain to receive from me. Using a person’s nature, I would cover the sides of a person’s nature in different aspects and descriptions for months. It was my way of teaching.

*(Note from Diane: Seite is a German word for ‘side’ and ‘page’, appropriate since Seite writes with my right hand while I’m left handed.)

So where do I live? I live in a firewall of energy that keeps it close to Earth’s vibrational energies. Call it something similar to the visible rings around other planets.

[Note from Diane, definition of “firewall”: “a part of a computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting outward communication. Source: Google.]

Natural energy abounds in the Cosmos. And regarding Earth, lots of it is a result of what’s naturally occurring on and in the planet.

You can visualise ‘spent physicality’ as a Big Diary – a record of it all – that is still alive in energetic terms. It has its fields, and as things are no longer in physical existence on Earth, the results are a transferral of its total energy to the Mirror Image, Big Diary Firewall of Energy, that is close to Earth’s energies. Humming along together. You can hear the immense ‘chattering’ in your mind in the Cosmos if you visualise it, but you can’t hear it personally.

These two vibrational energies have a lot in common. Some things get ‘promoted’ tiered, layered, categorised and it’s all good. You’ll all go to this Firewall close to Earth’s energies and see the Big L.E. Mental (my word for ‘God’) picture of it all.

The mega operating system does have vibrational and energetic circuitry. It’s best to treat it with respect folks, you’re part of it. As I bluntly wrote in the previous post about life in Space in a tin can, you may pause to consider whether you can vibrationally reach the Big Diary Firewall close to Earth, if you are not within Earth’s atmosphere.

Processes and procedures, folks. If you’re not working for the company and they’re offering promotions you won’t even have your name on the list for consideration will you? You may presume you can apply to work for the company and be eligible for promotion but that’s just your mindset not the company’s called L.E. Mental Starship Enterprises – not the spaceship that’s well-known enough in TV and movies…

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Such is Life in Space: Sitting or Floating in a Tin Can


Men, women and animals for some reason, often end up in a metal container in Space. There’s one up there now, continually circling Earth, zooming around doing what’s termed as scientific research. I, Seite, can applaud this great spectacle. It’s Lego brought to life by different countries and then there it is – the late great David Bowie’s tin can in Space. It’s a delightful poem if you read the lyrics as such. And it ‘containers’ an important message to humans and I, Seite, have a side to add to the message myself.

What happens if you’re off site, so to speak – that is in Space, and not in Earth, and then you, for some technical reason are forced to admit your own mortality? Bluntly speaking now – if you die off Earth while in Space will you still get to the join the others in Earth’s Diary (Heaven)? **

(See explanation of Earth’s Diary in posts: “Religion”, “Why Can’t We on Earth Create Peace in the World?”)

Think about the Elemental Dynamics now folks. If you don’t believe in the incredible light headedness of being after physical death, fine, you shall determine this yourself at some point. But, death is renewal, recycling. It’s Elemental and it’s a process created by the Cosmic Organismic Machine for It’s own reasons.

As I refer to ‘God’ as L.E. Mental, let’s just say if you want to bypass the death process, with an inbuilt golden road in it, that leads to the real L.E. Mental Wizard of It All, then by all means die off Earth. You may need to consider that all is Elemental. Transitioning into the Big Diary of Earth is Elemental Chemistry.

Dying off Earth can easily be a disastrous chemistry that has no relationship with the chemistry that occurs in Earth when people, animals and things ‘die’.

Remember, to quote Mr. Bowie in Space Oddity:

“For here

Am I sitting in a tin can

Far above the world

Planet Earth is blue

And there’s nothing I can do.

Though I’m past one hundred thousand miles

I’m feeling very still

And I …”


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How Do I, Seite, Sustain Myself?


If you think that a light existence doesn’t need ‘food’ or ‘water’ think again! There’s something that mere mortals who have transitioned into the incredible lightness of being do need in order that they maintain themselves.

I’m talking about living in the real light world. It’s close to home – Earth. In fact, it’s all around Earth. The atmosphere is filled with different kinds of what you call ‘molecules’. From my side, I see these ‘molecules’ as compositions in music, song and dance of energy.

And energy is always another composition in itself – just to add layers and tiers of complexity to it all. So what sustains the music, song and dancing of our molecular-style light headedness? Well for one mega-watt thing – it’s the Elemental Dialogue of everything really.

The cosmos is one huge mega-watt song and dance and lyrics routine. It may not always look ‘routine’ but it’s all good. For one thing, I, Seite, use up quite a lot of a particular type of energy, that I am able to describe somewhat adequately, as a food chain of dominos in the Elemental Sequency of it all that is an alive energy.

It’s rather like Elemental Cosmic Fermentation that we get a real buzz from! Anything in the Cosmos has a relationship going. It’s the ultimate in attraction of opposites, similars and every other permutation going and coming.

And within that, the Elemental Dialogue combusts and buzzes and we all just love it. It keeps the Cosmos agog with all the latest happenings and hot gossip and the buzz keeps on buzzing. You may not hear it but it’s around you on a frequency yet to be discovered!


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To me Seite, it’s a very interesting word – “religion”. It implies absolute truth about the one thing there is so little known about.

For the sake of all religions and their Big Deity I’ll simplify the matter of and in the cosmos by re-naming the Big Deity “L.E. Mental”. L.E. Mental is naturally Elemental in deeds and intelligence but then so are you, as is everything on Earth.

You create, you feel, think and then you perceive that L.E. Mental has somewhat more of an association with humanity than is humanly possible. Let’s face it L.E. Mental is an ‘It’ not a He or a She. Cosmic Action requires more sums of the totals of masculine and feminine. And to me, Seite, I can describe the Universe or Cosmos as being Infinitely Wise in deeds.- Because It’s one Hell and Heaven of an Operating System with applications galore and Elemental Coding the like of which you can relate to when you see the Big L.E. Mental Picture Show from another Earthbound dimension. The Big Diary in the atmosphere that clings to Earth.

The Big Diary (as I referred to in my previous post “Why Can’t We on Earth Create Peace for the World”) is unique to Earth. It has within it all of Earth’s vibrational history including everything that’s ever been in and on it. It’s a recycling Storage Depot and this vibrational energy helps turn Earth.

Being a being in this new dimensional location that’s part of Earth, gives you a great sense of satisfaction, commonly in one religion called ‘Heaven’ or in another called ‘Paradise’. Perspective is everything. And from the Storage Depot’s perspective, the joke of life on Earth is mankind’s storytelling ability to provoke accord and dissent about something that can’t really be known about, until such time as one joins with an Elementally Knowledgeable Unique Perspective. Earth’s Diary, the Storage Depot – the L.E. Mental cause and effect filing system of Earth, that by then does appreciate Cosmic Creative Genius of so many manifestations and not cosmic man-infestations as is now prevalent.

So if you want to get Elemental think of L.E. Mental the author of it all. It’s an Elemental Whizz Art ‘Tree” (wizardry), the scope of which began with a natural continuous cycle of events that had always been in one or a gadzillion ways of many others.

To me, Seite, I can’t disprove your theories but I can collide with them on occasion. To me, I’ll just explain that Big Bangs may look like a Big Bang, but from ‘pops’ to Big Bangs  – now there’s a story of L.E. and It’s Mental Elemental ability to have always been in existence.

To me, Seite, I’ll describe it to you as zero is sum thing, not no thing but something. So, Infinity cuts both ways OK? It’s that the matter of facts that Infinity comprises has got the She-Bang of It all in it. The She-Bang of It all is within a multi-directional Infinity – comprised already – of all the sum totals of its opposite sum things – manifestation.

For clarity’s sake let’s just say all the Causes and Effects are already in Infinity. The Infinity is the shadow that holds all this potential. Infinity as a multi-dimensional holding pattern, never began with a Big Bang according to my side of It. No, it’s the manifestation of the sum totals, that begin and can end.

Sum totals which are manifestational evidence of Infinity’s existence, can pop and She and Big Bang. But the Universe to all of Its Intents and Purposes, cycled around and around, until it met itself.

Call it the birth of motion in the Cosmos of Infinity that produced some things with Infinity to play with. Call “It” Me and My Shadow or L.E and It’s Shadow.

Therefore, to me Seite, I’ll invent no more religion, just people who can re-synchronise elementally with L.E. Mental to be at won with the world. Then everyone can be One.

If you look at the image in this post, you may relate to the balls being Infinity, filled with the sum totals of no things (past present and future), which are actually sum things, and the continuous cycling around of L.E. Mental’s Whizz Art Tree (wizardry)!


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Today is Tomorrow, Yesterday is Today, Tomorrow is Tomorrow…


The above heading would appear to be wording for a corporate identity campaign but I, Seite, shall utilise it for my own Earth and mankind identity campaign.

To date the world is the sum of its past. Here we all are. Are we having fun yet? A lot of you are and many aren’t. The tomorrow is a sum of today. But supposing deductions can be made, and to all intents and purposes a forward time movement is actually a manifestation of a regressive movement towards something uncivilised?

If you take a look at this excellent image of Earth and life on Earth’s evolutionary movement coil  you may see that the coil can be spiralled backwards as well as forwards. Therefore regressive movements in evolutionary terms are highly achievable even if perceived as a forward movement.

Technological and so-called scientific advancements may seem like a forward movement but evidence that belies its benefits to mankind are everywhere. Let’s re-name the atom bomb the A Dumb Bum which destroyed at will men, women and children and natural habitat. From the Etheric Commune City’s (community’s) point of view this was barely a nano-second in your time-making from its invention to today.

So let us strive for the art of balance in evolutionary awareness terms, and create a new timepiece that attempts to deduce all the sides of cause and effect on Earth and its contents.

Use the image and fill it in with these sides of cause and effect. Turn it backwards and forwards until you realise it’s only a manifestational tool to see if effects are beneficial or not. Time has no meaning – only manifestation does.

Therefore, the dawn of mankind’s evolutionary movement comprises many directions and it’s as well to perceive these movements in multi-dimensional effects stimulated by causes – everywhere and every which way.

To achieve the art of balance in Earth for its contents – sacrifice – the ability to say ‘no’ to an ability to ‘do’ something just simply because it can be done, is vital. Otherwise Earth can be yet still populated by scientific A-Dumb-Bums.   


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