As an Elemental Medium you might describe me as a Channeller. But please don’t in my case! Earth and contents are Elemental, so is the Cosmos. If man and creatures have thought, impulse and feeling, together with the inbuilt language and knowledge of plants and tides that are in Elemental Dialogue with the Sun, Moon and probably other planets in our Solar System – then being described as an Elemental Medium is my way of aligning human nature and intelligence with something ‘out there’ that has so much more intelligence and knows us better than we know ourselves. This is due to the fact that the Intelligence and Humour out there knows time – past present and future all at the same time. And, in my own personal relationship with Seite my mentor in ‘the out there’ Spirit, I have experienced too much for me to deny the truth of Seite and Seite’s personal predictions for me. I love to check facts and wait for Seite’s words to ‘come true’. And when they do it always makes me smile – either in happiness or sometimes with a grimace!

If you would like access to my Mentor in ‘Spirit’, Seite, who knows you better than you know yourself – feel free to book a consultation; we’re both happy to meet you.

I am left handed and Seite writes with my right hand. So at the beginning of the reading we’ll prove this to you and you’ll receive a hand-written note from Seite which I’ll read on to your phone and you can keep the original. It is essential readings are recorded so bring your phone or I can record upon request.

Readings are CAN$65 for an hour.  At present I don’t accept Paypal or credit cards. Thank you.

Namaste, Have a Nice Day


Elemental Medium Psychic Consultations/Readings, Victoria, BC, Canada

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