To me Seite, it’s a very interesting word – “religion”. It implies absolute truth about the one thing there is so little known about.

For the sake of all religions and their Big Deity I’ll simplify the matter of and in the cosmos by re-naming the Big Deity “L.E. Mental”. L.E. Mental is naturally Elemental in deeds and intelligence but then so are you, as is everything on Earth.

You create, you feel, think and then you perceive that L.E. Mental has somewhat more of an association with humanity than is humanly possible. Let’s face it L.E. Mental is an ‘It’ not a He or a She. Cosmic Action requires more sums of the totals of masculine and feminine. And to me, Seite, I can describe the Universe or Cosmos as being Infinitely Wise in deeds.- Because It’s one Hell and Heaven of an Operating System with applications galore and Elemental Coding the like of which you can relate to when you see the Big L.E. Mental Picture Show from another Earthbound dimension. The Big Diary in the atmosphere that clings to Earth.

The Big Diary (as I referred to in my previous post “Why Can’t We on Earth Create Peace for the World”) is unique to Earth. It has within it all of Earth’s vibrational history including everything that’s ever been in and on it. It’s a recycling Storage Depot and this vibrational energy helps turn Earth.

Being a being in this new dimensional location that’s part of Earth, gives you a great sense of satisfaction, commonly in one religion called ‘Heaven’ or in another called ‘Paradise’. Perspective is everything. And from the Storage Depot’s perspective, the joke of life on Earth is mankind’s storytelling ability to provoke accord and dissent about something that can’t really be known about, until such time as one joins with an Elementally Knowledgeable Unique Perspective. Earth’s Diary, the Storage Depot – the L.E. Mental cause and effect filing system of Earth, that by then does appreciate Cosmic Creative Genius of so many manifestations and not cosmic man-infestations as is now prevalent.

So if you want to get Elemental think of L.E. Mental the author of it all. It’s an Elemental Whizz Art ‘Tree” (wizardry), the scope of which began with a natural continuous cycle of events that had always been in one or a gadzillion ways of many others.

To me, Seite, I can’t disprove your theories but I can collide with them on occasion. To me, I’ll just explain that Big Bangs may look like a Big Bang, but from ‘pops’ to Big Bangs  – now there’s a story of L.E. and It’s Mental Elemental ability to have always been in existence.

To me, Seite, I’ll describe it to you as zero is sum thing, not no thing but something. So, Infinity cuts both ways OK? It’s that the matter of facts that Infinity comprises has got the She-Bang of It all in it. The She-Bang of It all is within a multi-directional Infinity – comprised already – of all the sum totals of its opposite sum things – manifestation.

For clarity’s sake let’s just say all the Causes and Effects are already in Infinity. The Infinity is the shadow that holds all this potential. Infinity as a multi-dimensional holding pattern, never began with a Big Bang according to my side of It. No, it’s the manifestation of the sum totals, that begin and can end.

Sum totals which are manifestational evidence of Infinity’s existence, can pop and She and Big Bang. But the Universe to all of Its Intents and Purposes, cycled around and around, until it met itself.

Call it the birth of motion in the Cosmos of Infinity that produced some things with Infinity to play with. Call “It” Me and My Shadow or L.E and It’s Shadow.

Therefore, to me Seite, I’ll invent no more religion, just people who can re-synchronise elementally with L.E. Mental to be at won with the world. Then everyone can be One.

If you look at the image in this post, you may relate to the balls being Infinity, filled with the sum totals of no things (past present and future), which are actually sum things, and the continuous cycling around of L.E. Mental’s Whizz Art Tree (wizardry)!


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Today is Tomorrow, Yesterday is Today, Tomorrow is Tomorrow…


The above heading would appear to be wording for a corporate identity campaign but I, Seite, shall utilise it for my own Earth and mankind identity campaign.

To date the world is the sum of its past. Here we all are. Are we having fun yet? A lot of you are and many aren’t. The tomorrow is a sum of today. But supposing deductions can be made, and to all intents and purposes a forward time movement is actually a manifestation of a regressive movement towards something uncivilised?

If you take a look at this excellent image of Earth and life on Earth’s evolutionary movement coil  you may see that the coil can be spiralled backwards as well as forwards. Therefore regressive movements in evolutionary terms are highly achievable even if perceived as a forward movement.

Technological and so-called scientific advancements may seem like a forward movement but evidence that belies its benefits to mankind are everywhere. Let’s re-name the atom bomb the A Dumb Bum which destroyed at will men, women and children and natural habitat. From the Etheric Commune City’s (community’s) point of view this was barely a nano-second in your time-making from its invention to today.

So let us strive for the art of balance in evolutionary awareness terms, and create a new timepiece that attempts to deduce all the sides of cause and effect on Earth and its contents.

Use the image and fill it in with these sides of cause and effect. Turn it backwards and forwards until you realise it’s only a manifestational tool to see if effects are beneficial or not. Time has no meaning – only manifestation does.

Therefore, the dawn of mankind’s evolutionary movement comprises many directions and it’s as well to perceive these movements in multi-dimensional effects stimulated by causes – everywhere and every which way.

To achieve the art of balance in Earth for its contents – sacrifice – the ability to say ‘no’ to an ability to ‘do’ something just simply because it can be done, is vital. Otherwise Earth can be yet still populated by scientific A-Dumb-Bums.   


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Why Can’t We on Earth Create Peace for the World?


It’s been a movement in so many ways – to try to create peace for the world.

Why is this seemingly impossible to achieve? I’d like to examine therefore, a quick study in human nature. And in order to do that I need to give you, the reader, an imaginary scene: the point where humans began to fear for their survival in their evolution.

Because to me, Seite, to view it correctly – one can empathise with anything that is fearful in humans, together with their need to survive at all costs.

It’s as well, that the fear of death is within the inability to create the art of balance in the world that does require humans to sacrifice a good degree of their need for greed.

It’s not necessary from where I ‘float about’ ‘out here’(!) for mankind to produce so much, that in effect, reduces elemental supplies within Earth, in order to increase supplies on Earth for mankind’s use.

To me, Seite, there has always been the need in mankind to run away from death if they possibly can. It’s part of human nature. It doesn’t compute correctly, therefore, in mankind to look forward joyfully to death – and since life on Earth is just that – life is what humanity is all about in the majority.

However, my point today is that what you on Earth call ‘death’ should really be re-named as part of the Peace on Earth Process. It sounds incongruous but to my mindset it would have a psychological process which could lead to a great many improvements.

Death is a move to a new location that is the historical movement of all that Earth is, has been and shall be – in no particular order because it’s like this.

I have, Seite style, written about manifestation in the Cosmos being a representation of Time without man-made numbers. And the location of Earth’s Diary is where spent energy is recycled and used to turn Earth, as it will.

Strange to think of it this way but call it a Unique Turning Tool to turn the Earth in light gravitational terms that is teeming with Earth’s knowledge of itself, vibrational frequencies – all of them.  And it has within it the largest Knowledgeable Consciousness off Earth that belongs to Earth.

Yes, folks, the Dearly Departed Storage Depot that drives around Earth all the time – this way, that way, this way, that way in full awareness and as well with a sense of humour. The humour is part of the humanity in the Storage Depot around Earth because, “Hey! I’m alive and what a weight off my shoulders now! I’m lighter than a feather and my new radiant self joins beautifully with everything else here – I just look to everything on Earth and wish they could do the same on Earth because it feeeels so good!”

Then it really would be on Earth as it is in Heaven.


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Seite on Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You & Turn The Other Cheek


Men, women and children may yet discover that some ancient teaching is just as good for today as it’s always been.

To do unto others as you would have done unto you, is quite a good thing. And from my side, I see that jihad*, even, is in it. Therefore, this allows the victims of jihad to fully mandate themselves to ‘fight fire with fire’ as it happens.

To Do Unto Others is something that encompasses all the complexities of life and contains a wry irony that I feel has long been missed. To me, Seite, the ancients had humour and were highly educated in the ways of people. The ancient teachings right through to the Greeks and Romans bear this out. Do Unto Others, then, is a description of how life can be. It’s a behavioural code for do unto others as you would have done unto you – but it allows for cause and effect within it – the Act and the Response, the Act and the Response, the Response and the Act.

So, to me Seite, it’s really “Turn the Other Cheek” that contains “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You” which is the comment on how to achieve the peaceful society we all need to be in. This includes those in Elemental Spirit because it’s something closely associated with Earth. (But more on that in the future postings.)

So, Turn the Other Cheek as the route to forgiveness is the normal accepted way to view this teaching. But how? If you keep turning the other cheek in the face of evil don’t you keep getting crapped on? Think about it folks. To simply forgive evil allows evil to love itself. It then presumes something dangerous for all – that what evil is, is righteous. It is not righteous – it’s evil.

The paradox is that Turn the Other Cheek it is not about total passive forgiveness at all. It’s about having a true moral compass which is able to know what evil truly looks like – and is prepared, again, to fight against it. In Turn the Other Cheek the teacher spoke as he showed his telling ‘turn of phrase’. He moved his head to the extreme left and then to the right slowly. But, his eyes were open wide. Open wide at what he physically saw in front of his eyes – ‘evil’. And, as well, in this demonstrational telling – the movement of left to right or right to left with his head and eyes demonstrated a very trained brain in the ways of human nature.

One cannot judge others unless one takes a look at one’s self first. The act of judgement against others is all too easy these days. So, within Turn the Other Cheek caution is advised as well. Because before you Do Unto Others you must be a trained moral compass. Otherwise to merely read the label ‘ Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You – well…evil can take this for itself, and abuse its content as well, by taking it into itself as something it knows and spreads as righteous.

Whether we really know the ‘Source’ of these two or three teachings, and in this post I have just touched on a few of the sides of meaning in them, they stand entirely on their own merits. Delve deeply people, it’s a world of shallow muddiness these days; get mired in something to direct you out of an unholy mess instead!


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Note from Diane below:


  • The Arabic word “jihad” is often translated as “holy war,” but in a purely linguistic sense, the word ” jihad” means struggling or striving.
  • The arabic word for war is: “al-harb”.
  • In a religious sense, as described by the Quran and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (s), “jihad” has many meanings. It can refer to internal as well as external efforts to be a good Muslims or believer, as well as working to inform people about the faith of Islam.
  • If military jihad is required to protect the faith against others, it can be performed using anything from legal, diplomatic and economic to political means. If there is no peaceful alternative, Islam also allows the use of force, but there are strict rules of engagement. Innocents – such as women, children, or invalids – must never be harmed, and any peaceful overtures from the enemy must be accepted.]

(Source: The Islamic Supreme Council of America website: Excerpt from Article “What Jihad Is”.)


Seite on the Way to Know if it’s True Love



So you’re flying high in a relationship. The bells and whistles are ringing madly and for you the relationship spells something you want to be in forever. So what is the way to know if it’s true love or ‘rue’ love – for the both of you?

In today’s world there is a lot of emphasis on sex and sexual attraction. However, ‘in the old days’ the old moral compass codes held true in friendships and relationships. Without moral compass codes on both sides, the probability of a relationship having a somewhat negative effect, which can affect your intellect, emotions and behaviour is somewhat more likely. So, be alert to the old character assessment codes – reliability, good humour, patience, tolerance, ingenuity, attraction, and above all true love. Love is a many sided thing and it never fails – in a two-sided love relationship.


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My Time is All On Your Side


My time can be all about Cosmic Time. However, in this life of my medium, Diane, whenever she tunes in to my wavelength I am here for her. But just so you know, my existence in the Cosmos is, in Time, all the time.

This means that when I view the Cosmos and everything in it, I am in it. Past, present and yes, folks, the future. Therefore I’m easily in your past, present and future. I’m everywhere. If you can empathise with air on Earth, it is more or less everywhere that life is in order to breathe.

Well, for me in the Cosmos, the Air isn’t the actual matter or the non-matter of the Cosmos – but Time. And time is in the entire manifestation of the Cosmos – past,  present and future. Time, then, is Elemental Manifestation. And it is the Air that is breathed. It’s not about the hard or moving stuff really. It’s about the existence of it. The Existence of it is what I describe as the Air I breathe and what I call Time.  This is not easy to relate to, I understand this. But, I, Seite, try to explain things from my side of things OK?

So, take a tip from me. Hard and non-hard stuff in the Cosmos is the evidence of Time. The actuality of it is the Time. But the time is all of it – the Air I Breathe. It is everywhere. So, make it to know that Time is what actually Matter Is in the Cosmos, OK?

This image of the moon in this post serves to demonstrate how manifestation in cosmic time can be. To the moon it just is and in it’s dialogue with Earth and the Sun – what a conversation for you to witness and make a mental note of. If you didn’t mark it down with numbers you wouldn’t even know your own age! It would just be signs of manifestation of your ‘age’ that you would know, not the numbers!


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My Name is Seite

My name is Seite – it’s the German word for ‘side’. It’s a bit odd really this name for a ‘mentor in spirit’, but I’ll explain more about it and why us lot in the etheric commune-city (community) have some quite odd names or incongruous ones at that. The best way to see it is that in my Infinite Wisdom I decide how best to develop my medium. To myself I thought, “Hmmm, she’s got the potential to do it, but if I train her brain’s circuits to open up to see more sides and angles then she’ll be right where I want her – more on my side and I’ll be on hers – and then we’ll be two distinct beings but rather closer than at the start.” Which is exactly what happened. And it took over 20 years for it to be achieved.


(Note from Diane: Seite is also the German word for page which for me is more relevant since Seite writes with my right hand while I’m left-handed.)

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I Care About You All


My posts have been on things to introduce you to how I convey things to you. My way of expressing myself. Today my post is to make you understand that I, Seite, care about you.

This means that in a reading or consultation with me via Diane the Elemental Medium, I do know all about you and your pathways. The pathways are your own personal trajectories in directional ways that shape you and your life. I’ll argue the case with you due to the reason that I prefer to rely on my knowledge that lives in Infinity rather than yours which does not. Your knowledge, as mankind’s complete entirety that progresses or regresses, remains to a certain extent in the past. It then transforms into new or re-conditioned knowledge. Therefore, at some point not only do times change, but people can change as well.

They say character is destiny. Therefore, the pathways of a person’s life are always subject to change as well due to a person’s development in so many ways. So, just so you know, I’m all for the good and High & Mightily motivated to serve you and all your best interests.


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Seite on Time 5th September 2016

gears-1443872_1280So, times can change folks. To me, Seite, up somewhere where you clearly aren’t, I see time as something meta-physical. It’s all to do with the physical evidence is all. It’s not anything to do with the numerical values – although to so many, math and related subjects are  high sacred disciplines to achieve the ultimate knowledge of the Big Bang.

However, picture yourself as the Big Cheese in the Cosmos. “Numbers? I’m a natural operating system. I see the cause and effect of my initiatives in Big Cosmic forms and non-forms – which is something ongoing.” So, to me, Seite, nothing is something and that’s why Infinity exists people. To be Finite you have not a zero in it. But to be Infinite there are an awful lot of zeros. Add them up and you get an Infinity of Zeros. They may not become a number at all due to them being just a line of zeros – but they exist and therefore Infinity exists. So, my time is plenty, yours is limited. Be happy in the now people.


Etymology of Metaphysical (Source: Google) mid 16th century: representing medieval Latin metaphysica (neuter plural), based on Greek ta meta ta phusika ‘the things after the Physics,’ referring to the sequence of Aristotle’s works: the title came to denote the branch of study treated in the books, later interpreted as meaning ‘the science of things transcending what is physical or natural.’ (Diane)

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Seite’s Post From ‘Out There’

Seite's blog from out there


Seite on Time 31st August 2016

So, times can change into a follow-on from an event, or be something totally transformative arising yet again, from something I, Seite, prefer to describe as the root cause of a person’s many vibrational sides. These many vibrational sides either repel or attract the same in other people, or as well, events that have many vibrational sides. However, if you think a mundane life that’s repetitive in the extreme contains no multi-dimensional vibrational sides think about the content. The content still has life in it and where there’s life things can always be subject to change.

So, people, if you feel down at heel or in the time period that’s low, rather than up  – try to keep going in hope. Hope in itself is a positive vibrational side. No hope is not a positive vibrational side. However if one ‘positive’ should encounter a ‘no-hope negative’ think to yourself which is the preferred vibrational side(s) – the positive one.

The Cosmos in E-Motion terms (E being Elemental) operates independent of this I have just described previously. The reason is that the Cosmos is one hell of an unholy operating system. All’s fair in love and war in the Cosmos and there are no emotional attachments to these things as there are on earth. And understandably, humans with human emotion would find it difficult to be unattached to a war zone if right in the thick of it.

But the Cosmos has a lot of Space for things and the holy and unholy stuff that occurs in creating and destroying terms is put to good use. And therein lies the difference between creation vs destruction on Earth – mankind has not mastered the Art of Cause & Effect the way the Cosmos has…


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