So, what’s an Elemental Medium? Well to be honest there isn’t a bit of difference between an Elemental Medium and any of the other psychic terms, such as psychic medium, to describe people whose senses used are alert, tuned in and functioning to receive vibrationary knowledge and information from sources other than ourselves in the material world. And who give psychic readings like me.

As I like to see it – just believe that the cosmos in Elemental terms is teeming with knowledge and the ability to converse via our own Elemental senses. So in long form… I’m a psychic medium – Elemental Medium – with access to my mentor in spirit, Seite, who offers spiritual insight and prediction.

My mind has been ‘re-wired’ in my very long training and development to receive from a source of knowledge somewhere ‘out there’ that names itself Seite. It wasn’t until many years after pronouncing Seite ‘Settee’ or ‘ Seti’ that I discovered Seite is a German word for ‘side’. It’s been this in meaning for me personally in my training with Seite to try to see all ‘sides’ from knowledge (Seite), from the other ‘side’, who knows cause and effect which is a myriad of multi-dimensional sides of thought/energy, action and results and so on and so forth. (Same as the cosmos really…)

Seite in German also means ‘page’ and this is amazingly appropriate because I am left handed and Seite writes with my right hand. So at the beginning of the reading we’ll prove this to you and you’ll receive a hand-written note from Seite which I’ll read on to your phone – it is essential readings are recorded so bring your phone or I can tape record upon request.

You can keep the handwritten original and perhaps wryly note that the days of Moses are still alive and with us! Yes people, it’s still possible to take dictation from above and we’ll show it to you. After, quite naturally and normally Seite will use my vocal chords to speak to you and you’ll notice a slight difference.

I am the better for having met Seite, a source of communication here for me whenever I choose to tune in to send and receive in our own personal ‘sit-all-light’ (satellite) communication system!

So it’s all elemental my dear people… Dialogue at times from Seite via myself sounds thoroughly Seite because the mode of communication comes through my brain and is then spoken using my voice. To have these differences is entirely useful to the medium – the client and I know when Seite is speaking and when I have broken in to interrupt.


“My Dear People, Thanks for your interest in this site. I have plenty to speak to you about and may need more space in your communications network – is it infinite like ours is?!!” Seite.

This site has been entirely written by my mentor in Spirit, Seite. (Diane)

Namaste, Have a Nice Day, from Diane

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Words from Seite, Mentor in Spirit

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